My Blog's birth

In the name of God, the Most Benevolent, the Most Merciful
First of all, a warm welcome and thank you for visiting my blog !
You must be wondering about my blog url "leckerandyummyrecipes". "Lecker" in German means "tasty".
Well, my passion for baking was born and grew up slowly when my husband gifted me a first baking book in German !
Knowing very little German in the beginning, I tried to understand and know every single meaning of the word with an English dictionary in one hand and experiment the recipes with the other hand. With time, I developed both my baking skills and my language skills simultaneously. Thats why, I decided to merge English and German URL for my blog !
Having a reasonably good circle of friends from many different countries gives me an insight on their different traditional food and cultures. Whenever I come across a new recipe in my friends' place, the first thing I do is to get the recipe from them and write it down on my handbook right away . And voila ! its there in my "To-do" list, until I try it on my husband and others !
The recipes I collected in these 6 years were always scattered here and there in bits of papers and it got really difficult to manage them. Many a times, I wondered if I could write them all in one single notebook and maintain my own recipe book..but never could i do it. Also, it never occurred to me to take pics of my recipes....
Its only recently, my whole perspective about my interest for cooking changed, when one of my good friends, who herself is a great blogger, suggested me and introduced me to this blogging world ! Before this, I had no idea what blogging is all about. I owe many thanks to her. Hopefully and inshallah (God- willing), I shall be more than glad to share my recipes with you and give you the best flavours of different countries with easily available ingredients.
Your comments and feedback are welcome and are highly valuable and vital to keep me motivated :-)

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Happy Blogging !!!!