Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cantaloupe Granita

Cantaloupe is my favourite fruit in summer. I have some real good memories of my childhood with this fruit when my grandma used to cut them into small cubes and mix it with sugar and some crushed ice and give us in bowls and we kids used to mash them with spoon well until they become pulpy and juicy. It tastes wonderful in hot hot summer. And today after so many years, i found a similar recipe in Versatile Vegetarian Kitchen of Champa and wanted to try it immediately. Its a mere coincidence that she has announced a CSN Giveaway for trying out her recipes from her blog ! Iam glad to send this recipe for this giveaway :)

Cantaloupe -1 (medium sized)
Brown sugar - 1/2 cup

1. Cut the cantaloupe into small cubes and add sugar to it and blend it using a blender.
2. Pour this puree into an air-tight container and freeze it.
3. After every hour crush the "partly-frozen" puree with a fork to form a crushed ice product. Freeze it again. Repeat this process of crushing for 3 or 4 times, eventually freezing it after every crushing.
4. Scoop out this granita into bowls and serve immediately.

Tip : You could as well use normal sugar instead of brown sugar.

This recipe also goes to the event Cold Desserts hosted by Torview.


  1. That must be really a cooling dessert Reshmi, why do you wait send it to the event by posting the logo and link back to my announcement page.

  2. delicious and healthy one.. like the granita..

  3. Reshmi,
    Thanks for trying it out. We'll see if you are the lucky winner on next Sunday.

  4. hi reshmi,
    cantaloupe granita looks so delicious n refreshing ...perfect treat for this hot summer ...never tried this before ,looks awesome n sure it taste gr8..
    u got a beautiful space here with lot of yummy recipes ..if u get time do visit my blog


  5. Thank you each and everyone for stopping by and leaving nice words :) Glad that you all liked my recipes...


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