Monday, July 26, 2010

My First Award !!!!

Having started to blog only recently and seems like I am slowly and totally getting into this blog world with each day.... Every blog I visit have some awards and giveaways. I used to wonder what these awards are and how much fun it would be to have one ! I am elated to having received my own one now :) Thank you Umm Mymoonah for sharing this award with me. It definitely means a lot to me and that too coming from you, makes it all the more special. Its she, who introduced me to this blogging world and gave me an insight about it. She has many creative and wonderful recipes. I have tried many of her recipes and I vouch for her creativity. Please do visit her blog to find her Taste of Pearl City.
This award, actually started by Tasty Appetite , and according to the rules, must be shared among three of my blogger friends. I find it really very hard to chose among my blogger friends who are my constant motivation ever since i started blogging. But this had to be done! So, after a long confusion, I have decided to share it with...

1.Yasmeen of Yasmeen Health Nut. Every blogger should be knowing her for her wonderful recipes and commendable photography. I have a special place for her because she was the first to comment on my blog when i first started it and encourages me regularly with her loving comments.

2. Satya of Super Yummy Recipes. Her recipes are really Super and Yummy. She started blogging only recently as I do and has really a nice space. Please do visit her to explore her cooking world.

3. Suja of Kitchen Corner- Try It. She is a wonderful blogger and makes lots of spicy curries, fries and many more. Many a times I really had my mouth watering after seeing her pics. And I have bookmarked many of her recipes. Iam sure you would find her recipes tasty too.

Yasmeen, Satya and Suja please collect this Loving Blogger Award and share it with three of your favourite bloggers, and mentioning why you like them best. The intention seems to "spread the message of love from our heart..!"


  1. Congrats dear..wish many more comes in your really deserve your blog.
    Thanks dear for sharing with me this wonderful happy to have such a lovely friend...happy blogging


  2. Congrats Reshmi, wish you many success and awards insha allah, thank you for your kind words about me:-)

  3. congrates reshmi for this beautiful award ...i wish many more comes on ur way ....thankq sooooo much for sharing this wonderful award with me ...and for ur lovely words for me...i am so happy and very much excited u dear


  4. Congrats it sure makes someone happy

  5. CONGRATS RESHMI !!!!!!!!!!!!


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