Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cherry on the Top !

Well, this is not a recipe in actual sense, rather a Tip you could say. My friends wanted to just drop by in a short notice. All I could think was to make quick & easy fruit salads and some snacks to serve them. I usually have canned fruits for emergency purposes. So this was one of my quickest idea which I felt like sharing. Who knows you might someday use this tip to explore something new ;)

Do you really need a recipe for this ????
Anyways, just for the sake of mentioning, here it is...
Peaches(canned) - 1 can
Canned Prunus cerasus( the sour cherry) for the toppings.

If you have time you could spoon the whipped cream over the half-cut peaches (which is hollow in the middle)and garnish with cherries or nuts.

This quick and easy Peach salad goes to Veggie/Fruit a month, hosted by Taste of Pearl City, started by Priya and also to Iftar Moments.


  1. Your friends are so lucky to have this lecker salad, how is my deutsche;-)

  2. i like such quick ideas for sides n salads..good one :)

  3. Awesome salad!!! luks delicious and simple one..nice presentation

  4. really simply and superb... love it dear....

  5. Lovely salad..looks very colorful.

  6. Lovely click and delicious. Keep rocking


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