Friday, August 6, 2010

Watermelon in a Glass !

After a hectic day of work or shopping, you come home hungry and tired and want to have a quick and easy refreshing food and drink. What else would be better than a delicious and satisfying thirst-quencher to make the rest of your day in hot summer !

Watermelone (scaled, removed seeds,cut in small cubes) - 400 gms
Set aside some cubes for garnishing
Ice cubes

1. Blend the watermelone cubes in a blender into a puree.
2. Place some ice cubes in a tall glass.
3. Pour over the watermelon puree over it.
4. Decorate it by inserting the cubes in a skewer.

Sit back on your couch, relax, and enjoy with a glass full of this treat !

Iam sending this to the event Melone hosted by 1 x umrühren bitte, to Iftar Moments by Taste of Pearl City, and to "Only" , guest hosted by Priya Mitharwal, started by Pari.


  1. Wow... looks simply superb....
    Nice click dear....

  2. looks very attractive Reshmi, thank you for sending it to the event.

  3. very refreshing drink best for this heat.. melon in a glass very nicely presented good one

  4. Wow.. wonderful presentation..

  5. very refreshing and simple drink..nice click

  6. nice n refreshing..lovely presentation

  7. Attractive color and so refreshing, beautiful click too...

  8. wat a vibrant color...loved your presentation dear..awesome

  9. Looks super delicious. Thank you for participating!


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