Friday, November 9, 2012

Nomadic Bedouin way of baking and grilling in the desert !

Looks like it has been ages since I visited my own blog ! My kids, who are a Blessing, are keeping me on my toes and I am enjoying every bit being and investing time with them so much that I hardly miss blogging ! Yet again, a tiny place in my heart feels guilty of having neglected blogging for such a long time....
So, here I am again to share a recipe (though not mine) which reflects upon the nomadic way of cooking ! Well, to give an intro about it, my husband was on a road-trip, about 5000 kms, with his friends to Western Sahara last month. He got the rare opportunity of staying with the local nomadic tribes in the deserts of Sahara and learn their survival techniques and got the first hand experience of the primitive way of baking and grilling, which are still in use in many parts of the world...
We have come so far baking varieties of breads and cakes and casseroles and what not in our modern sophisticated ovens. These nomads not only bake breads but prepare and make their own ovens "on demand"! I am sure you will definitely enjoy viewing this interesting mode of grilling and baking done by one of the  bedouins of Mauritania. I am not going to duplicate what my husband has already documented with the pictures here :)


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