Thursday, April 22, 2010


2 cups - All purpose flour
salt - 1/2 tsp
yeast - 2 tsp
sugar - 2 tbsp
oil - 2 tbsp
egg - 1
yogurt - 2 tbsp
luke warm milk - as required
sesame seeds

1. Dissolve yeast in warm water with sugar
2. Let stand for 10 min.
3. Stir in egg, salt, yogurt, yeast and flour and slowly add milk to make a soft loose dough, preferably sticky !
Leave it to rest for 15 min.
4. Now add oil and mix in the dough.
5. Brush the oil on dough surface and leave it to rise for an hour.
6. Pinch off small handfuls of dough
Preheat the oven at high temp.
7. Divide the dough into three parts and take each ball and gently flatten it to 2 cms thickness and place it on the tray.
8. Sprinkle sesame seeds and coat it with oil slightly with a brush.
9. Please keep an eye until it turns golden color.
10. Change the side of your crispy naan and grill in for 30 sec.
11. Take out your hot kulchas and brush again with butter or oil.
12. Cut into small parts if you desire. Serve with hot soup or curry.

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