Monday, July 5, 2010

Tortillas and Wraps

Tortillas look very similar to the Indian flat breads "chapatis". I had always wondered what these Tortillas are made of. Luckily, I found this recipe in one of my bread books and was amazed to know its ingredients and so had to try it immediately :). They make a good, healthy and light meal. You could just stuff it with any vegetable available in your fridge and/or with left over fried chicken or with mayonnaise, ketchup, depending upon your taste. So lets get into the job of how these Tortillas are made...

Ingredients (for approx. 10 Tortillas)
All purpose flour - 1 and a half cup
Corn flour - 1 cup
Lukewarm water - approx. 150 ml

If you are wondering if I had omitted to mention any ingredient, no I have not ! These are all the ingredients it requires ! Isnt it simple ? :)

1. Sift and mix the two flours in a bowl.
2. Add the water and knead it for 5 minutes into a smooth dough.
3.  Divide the dough into 10 balls.
4. Take a ball and using a rolling pin, flatten it out into 0.5-1 cm thickness. (Please do not roll it out thin. Otherwise they will be difficult to fold later. While working with one ball, cover the other balls with a clingfilm so that they dont get dried up !)
5. Take a nonstick pan and heat it. Place the "flattened roll", one at a time, and cook it in a medium flame for 2- 3 min. Turn the other side and cook again for a minute. There is no need to add oil or butter !
6. Repeat the process for all the other balls.
Gently rub off the flour sticking on the nonstick pan with a kitchen tissue from time to time to avoid the Tortillas from getting burnt.
Serve it with your favourite stuffings. For a crispy munch, use crushed Torilla chips.

I had tried to make a light "Chilli Red Beans-Minced meat" stuffing. The recipe you could check it out from the link Chilli Red Beans- Minced Meat in the Curries and Gravies section.

Tips : The unstuffed, plain Tortillas stay fresh for a week in an airtight container. Bake them or Microwave before reusing it for 3 min. at 180°C

You could as well cut the unused Tortillas into small pieces and deep fry them in hot oil and your Tortilla chips are ready as a snack !
This recipe goes to Spotlight : baking without oven.


  1. OH! looks very yummy, you have done a very different stuffing. I used to stuff with gucamole, chicken and cheese.

  2. next time i shall try ur stuffing inshallah :)

  3. the stuffing..absolutely delicious.

  4. Thank you Suja and Ayeesha for following my blog and leaving nice comments means a lot for a novice like me :)

  5. Wonderful wraps Love it anytime


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