Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The recipe of these simple to make kartoffelchen, was given to me by one of my close friends from Kazakhstan when she visited me. She had prepared them and brought this quick dessert for a BBQ party at my place. I was so amazed when i had the first bite, (it was neither too hard nor too soft) and even more amazed when i got to know its ingredients and the procedure of making them. A successful marriage of biscuits and cocoa powder and an ideal party dessert treat to enjoy! I am sure you would appreciate its preparation as well....

Ingredients for 50 kartoffelchen

Plain biscuits or Marie biscuits - 400 gms
Ground Hazelnuts or Almonds - 1/2 cup
Butter(melted) - 200 gms
Cocoa powder or Nutella or melted chocolate - 1/2 cup
Egg (beaten) - 1
Sugar - 2 tbsp

1. Powder or crush the biscuits in a blender.
2. To this, add the powdered Hazelnuts, cocoa pwder(i used nutella), egg, sugar.
 3. Finally add the melted butter.
4. Mix well using your hand into a crumby mixture.
5. Make small and firm balls out  of this mixture.
6. Now comes the most interesting part, these kartoffelchen have to be kept in a deep freezer(minimum for half an hour), packed in a freezer bag or a zip-lock bag ! yes, you heard me right.
7. Keep them in a normal refrigerator 15 minutes before serving them. I used mini truffles paper forms for the feast to the eyes :)
Tips :
They stay good for about a month in the freezer !
So go ahead, prepare them in advance, well ahead of a party or take out the required quantity and serve these kartoffelchen to your unexpected guests. Isn't it amazing :)

This recipe goes straight to sugar high friday bite size dessert, guest hosted by Aparna and originally started by Jennifer 
  and to Nithu's Celebrate Sweets- Ladoo originally started by Nivedita.


  1. Wow..that's simply superb...very innovtive and new to me....bookmarked the dish...

  2. very very innovative recipe ..looks awesome! I am sure kids will love it !


  3. These kartoffelchen looks so cute :-) An ideal party dessert, indeed.

  4. Totally a kid friendly dish. Very innovative.

  5. Cute looking and beautiful kartoffelchen..thanks for sharing..

  6. Cute and beautiful ..very innovative recipe,bookmarked

  7. delicious sounds like a biscuit base we make for pudding but this is a lovely dessert on its own

  8. what a simple & innovative recipe.Looks super easy..would love to try this one

  9. thanks for visiting me Reshmi. you have a great place here. these bite sized sweets would be fav as I have a sweet tooth and can survive only on desserts.
    as for the Hilsa dish in my blog here is the clarification.
    @Lecker, shad fish is near to Hilsa is taste and smell. also sardines taste like hilsa but are very small in size.
    if you dont get any of these then use rohu or any other big fish for this recipe. but in that case please fry the fish pieces lightly. in case you are using other fish you might have to change the cooking time as well.

  10. Never seen these before. Nutella makes anything good, in my opinion. :)
    Thanks for sending these to SHF: Bite Size Desserts.

  11. Wow those look yummy. Never heard of them.


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